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PostSubject: THE RETURN OF THE TIGER MAN   Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:12 pm

Date - July 31st 1969 Las Vegas,Nevada

On April 15th 1969 a contract was finalized and Elvis would return on stage to the International Hotel for four weeks in August.

Starting in early July Elvis held daily rehearsals at RCA's studios in Hollywood, on July 31st did two complete dress rehearsals in the International's showroom and was now ready to face the crowd.

The opening show was on invitation only and the room was packed with celebrities and the press, among those attending were Georges Hamilton, Petula Clark, Angie Dickinson, Sam Philipps, Ann Margret, Wayne Newton, Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Shelley Fabares and many others.

lvis opened his show with Blue Suede Shoes, which would remain his opening number throughout the engagement.The other songs performed that night were I Got A Woman, One Night, Johnny B. Goode, Runaway, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Funny How Time Slips Away, Words, Yesterday/Hey Jude, All Shook Up,Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Don't Be Cruel/Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel, Mystery Train/Tiger Man, In The Ghetto, Memories, Suspicious Minds, What'd I Say and Can't Help Falling In Love.

RCA recorded eleven complete shows from August 21st midnight show through August 26th, soundboard recordings were also done during the whole month, but it's hard to know if several had survived or where they are located
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PostSubject: ELVIS STAGE COSTUME IN '69 AT VEGAS    Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:19 pm

Throughout - engagement at Vegas In '69 - Elvis wore some kind of " Karate Tuxedo ", which were in fact modified gi. During all the stand, he alternated with ones of different colors like black, white, dark blue and brown, and accented by sashes in various colors.

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PostSubject: What Do You Lke Most About Elvis Presley ?   Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:59 pm

To Me Its - His Charisma , Generosity , Humor, Values and Love Toward His Fans And Family, Music , Career -
- Everything -
Cmon Members Please State Ya Lists Below -
It'll Be Interesting - Join In -
Dj -Karlos -Elvis Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Best Tracks On "Elvis In Concert" LP/CD - 1977   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:12 pm

Please State 5 Best Tracks You Like On LP / CD Of
Elvis In Concert From - '77

I'll Start This Poll Off -
1. Hurt
2. Fairytale
3. How Great Thou Art

Members Please State Ya 3 That You Like
Ty From - Dj -Karlos -Elvis
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PostSubject: [b]Elvis -THE ALL AMERICAN IDOL [/b]   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:23 pm

One Hundred Reasons WHY Elvis Presley will always be the epitome American Idol
loved by Me and millions of fans worldwide

1.Elvis Has Left the Building gets 22K hits on Google

2. Sideburns.

3. Disney's "Lilo and Stitch," will feature 5 Elvis tunes and a new version of "Burning Love" by Wynonna.

4. Las Vegas - Elvis in-depth Vegas interview.

5. El Vez, "the Latin Elvis," discography includes "Graciasland" and "Misery Tren."

6. The official Elvis site has a 24-hour GracelandCam

7. British TV chef Nigella Lawson featured Elvis's fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches on "Nigella Bites"

8. Florida company was granted rights by EPE Inc to use Elvis's image on its cellular phone face plates
9. Countries that have issued an Elvis postage stamp now includes the Central African Republic, St. Vincent and the Malagasy Republic.

10. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" at a dinner in Australia, proclaiming it is his favorite song.

11. With 600,000 people visit Graceland every year, making it second only to the White House. Half of the visitors are under the age of 35.

12. Priscilla Presley remade herself into a successful actress and looking to produce a Broadway play

13. A book called "The Inventory of the Estate of Elvis A. Presley" is currently in its second edition.

14. Documentary film "Schmelvis: Searching for the King's Jewish Roots" will debut on Bravo cable network.

15. The number of officially registered Elvis impersonators in the United States is up to 35,000.

16. AnnMargret remembered as Elvis' favourite co-star

17. The "Elvis Presley 6 Figure Series: Aloha from Hawaii" by X Toys.

18. Mike Powell, an Elvis impersonator from Texas, started a "support page" to provide online sales of Elvis jumpsuits and accessories."

19. Gyrating hips.

20. A Virginia furniture manufacturer releasing The Elvis Presley Collection that includes large "Love Me Tender" bed and the "Burning Love" heart-shaped mirror.

21. At the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, weddings cost $55 to $225, but having an Elvis impersonator officiate will cost $495.

22. A Texas A & M professor has written "The Tao of Elvis," described as "the first attempt to illustrate Elvis's Taoist nature and interpret his never-ending search for purpose and meaning."

23. Today marks the release of the CD "Karaoke: Songs Made Famous By Elvis Presley."

24. The book, "Are You Hungry Tonight?: Elvis' Favorite Recipes," features recipe for Elvis & Cilla's wedding cake

25. "Suspicious Minds," his last No. 1 single.

26. The sneer that sexy sneer that only could do so well

27. The pine oaks in front of Graceland are featured in the book, "America's Famous and Historic Trees."

28.Elvis' motorcycle collection is a major pilgrimage for members of the Hells Angels.

29. The National Archives with more than 9 million photographs. The one of President Richard Nixon shaking hands with Elvis, December 1970 is the most requested reprint.

30. Eminem lashed out at Elvis fans on his new CD.

31. U2 - spiritual descendants.

32. Bill Clinton's Secret Service code name: Elvis. When he played the sax on "The Arsenio Hall Show," the song was "Heartbreak Hotel."

33. "Be Elvis! A Guide to Impersonating the King" by Rick Marino on Amazon.com.

34. You can buy a genuine piece of Elvis' hair saved by his barber, Fred Stoll, in 1970. The price: $695.

35. Elvis' girlfriend June Juanico back in 1955 still talking about it while insisting they never did "the wild thing."

36. Cybill Shepherd still talking about her date with Elvis in Memphis back in 1972. She said: "He was gorgeous then, and I didn't look so bad either."

37. Lisa Marie Presley managed to put a new twist on her dad's rebelliousness and spirituality by marrying Michael Jackson & joining the Church of Scientology

38. Elvis' FBI file are on the Internet. Most of the papers concern extortion plots against "The King" and his bizarre contacts with Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover.

39. Among the 425 books about Elvis on Amazon are several cookbooks and "Christmas with Elvis."

40. The Flintstones in "Viva Rock Vegas."

41. "100 Greatest Rock & Roll Moments on TV" #2 Elvis's 1968 Comeback Special with The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" was #1

42. The cellblock performance clip from "Jailhouse Rock."

43. "Blue Hawaii" on late-night cable TV.

44. ElvisPresleyNews.com top five at google.com.

45. In the current voting for the United Kingdom's favorite No. 1 song of all-time, "Jailhouse Rock" is No. 9.

46. The closing riff of "a hunka hunka burning love!"

47. Radio Two, a popular station in Belgium, announced to play nothing but Elvis records for 24 hours in August

48. "Blue Christmas."

49. A new musical "jukebox" program for Palm handheld devices called: "Elvis."

50. Emergency patients at Medical Center in Memphis are sent to the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center.

51. "Tervetuloa Suomen Elis-kerho" - The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland.

52. "The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis." website

53. The Elvis fan club of Ireland has raised more than $200,000 for charity. Its mission is "Keeping the name 'Elvis Presley' alive"

54. A lengthy article was on the Internet regarding this question: "Was Elvis Presley Welsh?"

55. "You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine."

56. Elvis still holds the record for most chart singles, most Top 10 singles and most weeks at #1 Only the Beatles had more #1 hits.

57. Kurt Russell's movie debut, at age 10, was kicking Elvis in the shin in "It Happened at the World's Fair."

58. Recent posting on the "Elvis Tales" Web site: "I am from Iran. I just want to say that Elvis is G*d in my country and one of the main reasons that I came to America."

59. The world "Elvis" is an anagram for "lives."

60. Even Ivy-League Princeton University has an Elvis Web site, called "Pelvis."

61. David Letterman did a Top 10 list of "Things Elvis Would Say if He Came Back" #10: "I've been dead for 30 years and I still look better than Keith Richards"

62. The Flying Elvi, the 10-member skydiving team featured in "Honeymoon in Vegas," is still available for hire.

63. The B-sides.

64. University of Arkansas released "All Shook Up: Collected Poems about Elvis" with works by Joyce Carol Oates & Charles Bukowski.

65. Bob Meyer is the founder of "Americans for Cloning Elvis" Thousands have signed his petition

66. Elvis Costello.

67. The opening chant of "Blue Suede Shoes."

68. Rhinestones.

69. The "Aloha from Hawaii" special on DVD.

70. "The Elvis Presley Scholarship Fund" at the University of Memphis.

71. Shooting out the TV set.

72. The "ugh!" between "I'm in love" and "I'm all shook up."

73. "Elvis-style seasonings" includes Jailhouse Rock (BBQ), King Creole (Cajun) and GI Blues

74. The Sun Studios

75. Libertyland, the Memphis amusement park that Elvis rented out late at night for his friends.

76. Bruce Springsteen jumping the fence at Graceland.

77. The Overton Park Shell in Memphis, where Elvis first performed.

78. The opening notes of "Jailhouse Rock."

79. The laughing "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

80. The Grammy-winning gospel recordings.

81. The movie "2000 Miles from Graceland" proof that EPE Inc will green-light anything

82. The Jordanaires.

83. Memphis Mafia the role model for all posses

84. The Tennessee Karate Institute, where Elvis worked out, stages a memorial tournaments

85. "That's Alright Mama," his first 45, and possibly still the best

86. "In the Ghetto" Elvis' plea for racial understanding

87. Col Tom Parker, his manager. No fiction writer could invent a character like that.

88. The Loudermilk Boarding House in Cornelia, has more than 30K pieces of Elvis collectibles. One being "Elvis' Toenail" that the owner picked up on a tour of Graceland.

89. "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong."

90. Erin Brockovich has a life-sized Elvis statue inside her front door.

91. Andy Warhol's paintings of Elvis.

92. The Pennsylvania Lottery's Elvis instant game

93. Sotheby's auctioned a jukebox given by RCA to Elvis with 50 of his hit singles for $60,000

94. "Elvis Day by Day" faithfully reconstructs it all

95. "American Trilogy" - now more than ever.

96. KrispyKreme doughnuts has Elvis as its fan

97. Giving away Cadillacs to friends and strangers - how cool is that?

98. Rock 'n' roll like Elvis, can never die.

99. 31 years after his death, he still sells copies of the Daily News.

100. Thankyou - Thankyouverymuch
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PostSubject: [b]Elvis Presley Co-Stars In Movies[/b]   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:30 pm

Cast of Love Me Tender (1956)
Richard Egan: July 29, 1912 - July 20, 1987
Debra Paget: August 19, 1933 -
Robert Middleton: May 13, 1911 - June 14, 1977
William Campbell: October 30, 1926 -
Neville Brand: August 13, 1920 - April 16, 1992
Mildred Dunnock: January 21, 1901 - July 5, 1991

Cast of Loving You (1957)
Lizabeth Scott: September 29, 1922 -
Wendall Corey: March 20, 1914 - November 8, 1968
Dolores Hart : October 20, 1938 -
James Gleason: May 23, 1882 - April 12, 1959

Cast Of Jail house Rock -(1957 )
Judy Tyler: October 9, 1933 - July 4, 1957
Vaugh Taylor: February 22, 1910 - April 26, 1983
Jennifer Holden: October 24, 1936 -
Dean Jones: January 25, 1931 -

Cast of King Creole (1958)
Carolyn Jones: April 30, 1930 - August 3, 1983
Walter Matthau: October 1, 1920 - July 1, 2000
Dolores Hart: October 20, 1938 -
Dean Jagger: November 7, 1903 - February 5, 1991
Liliane Montevecchi: October 13, 1932 -
Vic Morrow: February 14, 1929 - July 23, 1982
Paul Stewart: May 13, 1908 - February 17, 1986

Cast of It Happened at the Worlds Fair 1963
Vicky Tiu as Sue-Lin: Today first Lady of Hawaii
Kurt Russell: March 17, 1951 Massachusetts

Disney star at the time had a memorable bit-part in 1963. in 1978 later he play Elvis in Elvis: The Movie. Col Tom Parker wanted Sylvester Stallone for the role.

Vicky Tiu as Sue-Lin is a scene stealer, with her big saucer eyes, hearty appetite and sweetly scheming ways. It was the only film Tiu ever made, but she now has another prominent role: as Vicky Tiu Cayetano, first lady of the state of Hawaii.
Vicky Tiu was 6 years old at the time, remembers being homesick much of the time - with her family in San Francisco, the little girl had a nanny during the making of the movie.

Girl Happy 1965- Spinout 1966 - Clambake 1967

Real Name: Michele Fabares
Born: January 19th, 1944n Santa Monica, California.
Husbands: Lou Adler (1964 - 70)
Mike Farrell (1984-present)
Shelley Fabares grew up in movies and television . A child model turned actress, she appeared on the Frank Sinatra Show at the age of nine and sang a duet "Young at Heart"

As a teenager she played Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show.

Her career spread from television to the recording industry with her million-selling record “Johnny Angel”

Fabares co-starred with Elvis Presley in three films.

In the late 1960s she starred in the Emmy-winning Brian’s Song, followed by several TV series including Coach.

Nancy Walters career began as a model, appearing in ads in magazines such as Vogue, Mademoiselle, and Harper's Bazaar.
In Blue Hawaii, she was Miss Prentice, the schoolteacher who was on a tour to Hawaii with her class.

Her famous line: "Mr. Gates, do you think you can handle a schoolteacher and five teenage girls?" Elvis' reply: "Oh, I... I'll certainly try, ma'am!"
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PostSubject: ELVIS GRAMMY AWARDS    Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:34 pm

In his lifetime, Elvis only won 3 Grammy Awards

Best Sacred Performance 1967 for How Great Thou Art album
Best Inspirational Performance 1972 for He Touched Me album
Best Inspirational Performance Song 1974Record Chart Statistics

Elvis had 149 songs appear on Billboard’s 100 Chart in USA. 114 were in the top forty, 40 were in the top ten and 18 went to number one. Elvis number one singles spent a total of 80 weeks at number one. He has also had 90 charted albums with ten reaching number one. These figures are only for the pop charts in USA only. Elvis Presley was also a leading artist in the USA country, R&B, and gospel charts

Elvis' music will always remain his most beloved legacy Appreciated by the 50's baby boom generation The 60's flower power generation. The 70's disco clicks generation. The 80's "greed is good" generation. And all the rest to come Elvis Presley is the best selling solo artist in U.S. history Elvis charted more songs on Billboard's Hot 100 than any other artist.

Elvis spent more weeks at the top of the charts than any other artist. Elvis had the greatest number of consecutive #1 hits. (10) Elvis is second only to the Beatles in total of #1 hits. (18) It took Eric Clapton 20 years to win 6 Grammy Awards. It seemed to be no different for Elvis.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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PostSubject: [b]Elvis Jewelry [/b] TCB NECKLACE -   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:44 pm

One night while sitting in his bedroom of his personal jet, Lisa Marie Elvis tore open an envelope and thinking carefully penned what has become known as the TCB Oath. Thereafter, anyone who was presented with a TCB necklace was given a copy of the TCB Oath.

Elvis wore one of the original TCB necklaces personally. He gave one to his Aunt Delta to keep for him. The original TCB's were expensive and first class, explains Red West. "Elvis gave them to those of us who were around him, like myself, Joe Esposito.

After awhile , as they became popular and Elvis began giving them out more and more of them, they got cheaper in material. When I gave my original one to Red Foxx , Elvis turned around and gave me another. I do believe Travis Tritt has my second TCB pendant now"

Sam Thompson, Linda's brother and former Elvis bodyguard recalls the night Elvis presented him with his TCB Elvis designed jewelry. "I was downstairs at Graceland in November 1976 and Elvis sent Linda down asking me to come to Elvis' bedroom, that he was very upset with me. I was worried as I climbed the stairs.

"I was downstairs at Graceland in November 1976 and Elvis sent Linda down asking me to come to Elvis' bedroom, that he was very upset with me. I was worried as I climbed the stairs.
"When I walked in their was Elvis, Linda, Billy and Jo Smith and Elvis broke into a smile. He took the TCB gold necklace/pendant out of a box and put it around my neck and then he read the TCB Oath and put his arms around me and hugged me."

In March 1977, Sam's wife Louise was presented her TLC pendant. The Thompsons are among the few husband and wife teams who have both the TCB and TLC necklaces

More self respect, more respect for fellow
man, respect for fellow students & instructors
respect for all styles & techniques. Body
conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation
for calming & willing of the mind & body.

Sharpen your skills increases mental
awareness for all those who might choose
a new outlook and personal phylosophy
freedom from constipation.
TCB Techniques
All techniques into one
Elvis Presley 8th
applying all techniques into one
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PostSubject: ELVIS TCB XX   Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:13 pm

KARLOS 001 wrote:
To Me Its - His Charisma , Generosity , Humor, Values and Love Toward His Fans And Family, Music , Career -
- Everything -
Cmon Members Please State Ya Lists Below -
It'll Be Interesting - Join In -
Dj -Karlos -Elvis Very Happy Very Happy

1 elvis sexy good looks
2. his love for his fans
3. his sexy singing voice
4 just love his music and voice
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